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Magento eCommerce Website Development

Shifting the paper-based sales information of bricks-and-mortar businesses into data designed for an online experience has evolved into systems of increased sophistication and functionality. Magento is an eCommerce website platform with a Content Management System (CMS) backbone that can integrate and coordinate a business’s sales activity with a suite of tools designed to improve the customer experience, generate more sales, and facilitate ongoing updates and site maintenance. MVP focuses on integrating Magento eCommerce and Content Management System (CMS) features that offer more capability than other less experienced and knowledgeable Magento developers, and MVP is ready to take your business to its next level of online performance, whether you’re looking to increase your sales in a B2B or B2C context.

Because dynamic businesses change and adapt to evolving needs, eCommerce platforms have to be designed for optimum versatility and stability. Making the right choice in business infrastructure can be critical for your operations moving forward, and MVP can help evaluate your business needs and your plans for the future to make the most effective long term choice. Our team of programmers and software designers has acquired a deep knowledge of database systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERPs, and many types of programming languages, as well as extensive experience with the best implementation strategies for new platforms. MVP can offer system capabilities other Magneto developers cannot match.

Magento eCommerce Features

Magento’s features are wide-ranging, and MVP has the expertise to extract the most potential and performance from its list of capabilities. Magento is written in open source PHP, making it ideal for customization and interaction. Magento is easily scalable, allowing for businesses to readily expand their operations when necessary. With a proven track record of linking well with ERP systems that control inventory, production, and distribution, Magento provides flexible catalog management with easily editable product listings, promotional campaign management, shopping carts, coupon codes, instant purchases, shipping management, and more. Geared for search engine optimization, with product management of descriptions, tags, categories, and filters, Magento excels with metadata and microdata management, including precise sales and customer tracking metrics. Because Magento ranks number one in popularity among Alexa’s top 100,000 (closely followed by WordPress’ WooCommerce extension), it is readily compatible with other platform users. ¬†

The Magento front-end customer interface includes support for features like recently viewed products, comparable products, recommended items, associated polling data, and more. The back-end interface is optimized keep track of sales orders, payment status, and links to relevant management apps, with product attributes that can be readily added and edited. For a stable and robust eCommerce platform, with the potential for long term value proven over time, Magento has a lot to offer both growing and well established businesses.

About MVP

MVP is located just outside Philadelphia, and we have been crafting innovative custom software and eCommerce solutions since 1994. MVP has been at the forefront of online business infrastructure development since its inception, and this experience has allowed the company to offer our clients some of the most sophisticated and complete eCommerce platforms currently available. MVP's extensive capabilities range from database design and development, eCommerce, eLearning and certification programs, graphic design, ¬†multimedia production, and all types of custom software design and programming. MVP’s agile approach to website and application design and development allows us to incorporate any type of customized features into Magento for a reliable system that reaches across every platform and to every device.

Learn more about how to establish a Magento eCommerce website with the performance, longevity, and flexibility to grow with your business. Contact us today.



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