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LivaNova Video-Based Medical eLearning Website

LivaNova is the maker of the XTRA ATS, the most advanced autotransfusion system in the world. Typically LivaNova would conduct in-person training sessions to get hospitals ready to use the new device. They wanted to develop a eLearning website to help standardize training while reducing the labor and travel costs that come with in-person training. Looking for an engaging multimedia eLearning experience, they turned to MVP.

MVP refined the client-provided scripts for clarity and began by developing a storyboard for the introductory whiteboard animation that begins the video-based eLearning course. MVP then took all scripts for the live-action video and created detailed shot plans for each video clip that would make up the course content. MVP also pulled out important information for accompanying synchronized texts that would highlight in correspondence to the spoken script to reinforce key points. All this information was laid out in one master document that served to structure course content and the database used to contain it.

MVP designed the XTRA eLearning website to conform with the detailed branding guidelines of LivaNova, while optimizing presentation with a responsive design that adjusts to various window sizes, from tablet to laptop and desktop. The design is sleek and refined, with intuitive navigation provided by the top menu bar and a large video window that maximizes the space devoted for the core eLearning content presentation. MVP casted the professional talent for the voice-over narration from its Actors’ Network, and recorded both the narration and live-action video demonstrations of the XTRA ATS in its own professional video studio. MVP then edited the video and voice-over narrations with synchronized highlighting textual side content to create the video clips which comprise the bulk of the course content.

MVP programmed a randomized test generator to assess learning outcomes at the end of each user’s completion of the course. The test draws 15 multiple-choice questions from a pool of 33. Users must score over 75% to pass. Those that do not are given feedback indicating their wrong questions and which specific section of the course content they will need to review to improve their understanding of that question’s topic. MVP also developed an administrative area that reports on test performance per each question, which can be filtered by time period, job title, and surgical specialty. The admin area also allows LivaNova to create registration codes required to access the platform, which can be automatically randomly generated in batches, set with expiration dates, and limited to single use to offer more control of who sees the eLearning course and when.

The platform has been enthusiastically received. While initially created for just the US market, LivaNova quickly expanded its use for the global market upon realization of the value it represented. MVP continues to work with LivaNova to expand content and functionality, making for a continually evolving platform that reflects the high quality of the XTRA ATS machine itself.

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