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Height: 6’ 2” • Weight: 240 lbs • Hair: Salt and Pepper • Eyes: Blue


My name is Andrew Hunsicker. I am an actor, writer and producer. I love to help tell stories. I have been involved in over 60 film, commercial, TV, web series, voice over and music video projects. On these I played a range of characters from cops to criminals, businessman to bums, judges to junkies and priests to playas. I've also done generals, truckers, construction workers, cowboys, mechanic, lawyers, doctors, scientists, teachers. I even played Santa Claus, Ho, ho, ho. But whatever story I tell or whatever character I play, I bring integrity, authenticity, passion, commitment and humanity. And I would love to do that for you.

Resume and Experience

AC Chronicles

True Vice

Mr. Blue Shirt

AC Chronicles | Ernst Thomas | Free Bird Media  
True Vice | Sal Lombardi | Everett Productions  
Mr. Blue Shirt | Crash | Reckoning Force Productions  
Uncommitted | Objectivist Speaker | Movie Buff Creations  

The Great Experiment

Nightmare Next Door

The Great Experiment | Sign Maker | History Making Productions  
Nightmare Next Door | Detective Jensen | Sirens Productions  
How to Get Away | ABC News Reporter | Shondaland

Mike Lemon Casting

Kenneth McGregor

Film Acting & Basics of Film Acting | Instructor Mike Lemon | Mike Lemon Casting  
Affordable Acting Class | Instructor Kenneth McGregor



Screenwriter | Script currently under option agreement  
Short-Deadheart | Marshal Cartwright | Funky Planet  
Short-Solitary and Short | Albert | Brodie Productions  
Short-Souls on the Hill | Grant | HeARTists Films  
Short-Leeches | Dr. Tobias Faulkner | UArts Production   Short-Playing Chess | James | Temple Productions  
Short-Pill Problem | George | DeSales Productions  
Short-Touch | Judge McElvoy | Legion Industries  

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