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Height: 5' 10" • Hair: Brown • Eyes: Brown


My acting style is best described as creative, energetic, thought-provoking and believable. I can easily transition styles and tone such as corporate, comedic, medical, and educational. I can also perform voice and song impressions, including believable cartoon voices. With this range of talent I can create a very polished and authentic advertisement for your company. Recently, I earned a first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Doe Karate. I have published two books and I am an educator. I have plenty of experiences in which to draw from in order to provide a top quality advertisement for your company.

Resume and Experience


Round Table

Sixth Sense

S.P.I.R.I.C.I.D.E. | "Mother Melody" Lead/Lead | Alpha Productions   Round Table | "Helen" Mother Lead | Alpha Productions   Beloved | "Slave in Hanging Scene" | Harpo Productions   Sixth Sense | "Automobile Driver" | M.N. Shyamalan   Changing Lanes | "Person in the Audience" | Sawyer Productions   Hack | "Patron in Cafe" | Hooks Productions  

Airport Disasters

Physical Therapy

Airport Disasters | "Patron in Airport" | Discovery Channel   Physical Therapy | "Exercise Person" | Radius Communications   School District of Philadelphia | "Teacher" | Hall Communications  

Hats on the Vine

Nightmares on Broad Street

Hats on the Vine | "Choir Member", "Lead Role" | Bushfire Theater   Nightmares on Broad Street | "Ghoul" | Lyton Harris Productions  

CCBG Modeling

Voice Over

Shotokan Karate

CCBG Modeling | Philadelphia, PA   Voice Over | Mount Airy, PA   Shotokan Karate | Philadelphia, PA   Film Making | Philadelphia, PA   South Carolina State University - B.S., M.Ed, Ed.D. | Philadelphia, PA  

Karate (brown belt)



Modeling   Acting   Writing (short stories, novels, poetry, songs, speeches)   Softball   Karate (brown belt)   Horseback riding   Voice and song impressions   Voice-over (cartoons, celebrities)   Singing   Storytelling  




Portrayal of Historic Characters | Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Mary Fields, Phyllis Wheatley, Bessie Coleman, Hatshepsut   Modeling | Spirt of a Dove (Runway) | Philadelphia PA, New Jersey, New York   Accents | Southern, Southern/Creole, London, South African, Jamaican   Uniforms | Lab Coat, Karate, Softball, Navy & Air Force coat   Publication | 1st novel: "BELLE", 2nd novel: "Ms. Emmaline's Little Book of Wit & Wisdom   Instruments | Harmonica, Sekere, Bongo Drums, Washboard  

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