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Height: 5' 7" • Hair: Brown • Eyes: Blue


I once had parents who told me to study business, now I have parents who brag about my performances. I can be found in Weight Watcher's promo videos and magazines, infomercials for Matthew Lesko, QVC, instructional videos, short films, plays, tons of print ads, college productions, and yes even music videos. I act, sing, host, VO, dance, do an array of accents, kick box, etc. I'm even good with sales, customer service, catering and planning events. Believe it or not, the average woman wears clothing fitted from my body as I am also a Plus Model who has done Fit Work for: Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherines, and Mothers Work. This face has such an Ethnic look that I'm able to portray Hispanic, Italian, Caucasion and more. If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm 100% Puerto Rican, so I'll accept the Spanish scripts as well. Please don't typecast me for just the tough girl with attitude, the comic relief, severely depressed, fun mother, or clueless friend. I am able to get your message across, sell the product, and be the one your customer can relate to. Makeup ladies love me because of my color changing eyes, and directors love me because I try whatever they suggest. I would love to be the actor you choose for your next project time and time again.

Resume and Experience


Arabesque | Annie | Temple University

Off Campus

Weight Watchers

Matthew Lesko

Off Campus | Lupita | Drexel University
Weight Watchers Promo Video | Becky | ADM Productions
Matthew Lesko Infomerical | Angry Audience Member | Blk Inc Film
Cooking With Kelly | Promotional Speaker | Matthew Szajna
WCU News | News Anchor | WCUTV-5

Magniflex Magnifico

Mi Gente

Christine's Boutique

Magniflex Magnifico | Guiliana | Aurora Productions
Mi Gente | Hispanic Pride | Shezik Walker
Christine's Boutique | Shopper | newCity Productions

Mornings of April & May


Friends of Shadows

Mornings of April & May | Dona Ciara | National Theatre of Arts & Education
Mainstreamed | Denise | Amaryllis Theatre Co.
Friends of Shadows | Jane Morinsky | Amaryllis Theatre Co.
Medea | Medea, Jason, Aegeus | WCU
Vital Signs | Five Monologues | WCU
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Select Scenes) | Mae, Maggie, Big Momma | WCU
Crimes of the Heart (Scene) | Chick | WCU
Tea Shop on the RocksTea Shop on the Rocks | Daisy | WCU
Ramona Quimby | Mrs. Griggs | WCU
Story Theatre | Various Roles | WCU

West Chester University

Wyomissing Institue of Fine Art

West Chester University | BA Performing Arts | Harvy Rovines, Len Kelly, Bob Bytnar, Jane Saddoris
Wyomissing Institue of Fine Art | Voice | Patricia Kauffman
TVI Studios | Commercial Audition | Judy Bowman
TVI Studios | Cold Reading for TV/Film | Paul Valley
L.A. Bound Entertainment Seminar | Law & Order | Claire Traeger
Primetime TV Intensive | Gossip Girl | Daryl Eisenberg

Public Speaking

Voice Over

Microsoft Word

Public Speaking, Voice Over, Microsoft Word, Pro-Tools, I-Movie, Club/Hip Hop Dance, Bachata Dance, Modern Dance, Jazzy/Soul Voice, Broadway Voice, Pop Singing, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby, Cooking, Children, Tai Bo Spanish/Fluent, British Accent, Puerto Rican Accent, Southern Accent, French Accent, Ghetto Accent, New Orleans Accent, Irish Accent, Toddler Accent, Baby Accent

Children Theatre Award

Irene Ryan Nominee

Children Theatre Award | UT Theatre
Irene Ryan Nominee | WCU
Irene Ryan Nominee | WCU

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